UFC 249 Pick’Em Challenge

Dana White’s prediction of the UFC being the first “real” sport to return to action appears to be coming to fruition on Saturday. What this means is people have a reason now – despite the nearly defunct lockdown – to get together and blow their money on BBQs, brews, and bets – among other things […]

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Top 10 NBA Duos revisited

Before the NBA season started, and was subsequently suspended, I put together a top ten list of the league’s best duos, which can be found here. Now, since there’s no basketball happening currently or for the immediate future, I figured it’s time to look back on how that list panned out to this point of the […]

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Is Depression Really A Choice?

I’ve seen the topic of whether or not depression is a choice discussed within comment sections over the years. While I’m not a psychiatrist, I’ve studied and taken enough psychology, sociology and other classes of the like to have a thorough understanding of how most disorders work. I also have been diagnosed with depression which […]

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Coronavirus Chaos

Unfortunately for you first time viewers of Tailgate Talk, there will be nothing sports related spoken of here in this particular article.  I obviously can’t talk about sports because there are none being played during the present time. So let’s talk about what everyone else is talking about, the goddamn Coronavirus, YAY! I’ve heard the […]

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Welcome to Tailgate Talk

A plan that has been in the works for the better part of 5 years is finally coming to fruition. Ladies and gentlemen of the Central Valley and all across America, I present to you an experience in sports discussion you won’t be able to see on TV… obviously because we aren’t famous enough for […]

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Joker Review

Let’s be honest – the Joker has always been the most likeable comic book villain, so it wasn’t a stretch to think the movie detailing the maniacal clown’s origin would be good. But for it to be this good, this relatable, and this relevant to how society treats mental illness today left me wondering if I was really […]

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Internet Etiquette 101

Look, I’m a dork, OK. I’ve used the internet as my primary source of entertainment and socializing for the past 20 years or so.  I know a thing or two about how to properly conduct yourself here on the interwebs, ya dig? Before social media, there was mIRC, message boards and chat rooms. AOL, Yahoo, […]

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The Wild Wild West is Back

The NBA just hit the reset button in the 2019 free agency and it’s the most beautiful thing that could have possibly happened. I had lost so much interest in basketball over the past 5-6 years, what with the Lakers being terrible for the better part of this decade and the Dubs vs LeBron dynamic […]

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